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Ten Items To Verify Before Signing a Contract

How to get started.

Ok, so you have chosen your contractor and are ready to go. Now what? We’ve included this handy checklist to make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.

The Castle Crest client’s checklist.

  1. Estimate – Obtained a detailed estimate in writing.
  2. Insurance – Verified insurance coverage.
  3. Licence – Verified license.
  4. References – Verified references.
  5. Contract – Looked over the contract and made sure that it incorporated the estimate and spelled out exactly what is being done.
  6. Schedule – Agreed to a realistic schedule for the work.
  7. Payment – Agreed to the payment schedule.
  8. Final Holdback – Established a holdback amount and policy.
  9. What Is Required Of Me – Confirmed what I need to do such as choose bathroom fittings, floorings, kitchen cabinets or paint colours etc.
  10. Contract and Deposit – Signed the contract and paid the deposit but only once you are satisfied that everything is right for you.