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Main factors that drive the price of custom house construction in the Lower Mainland

There are many factors which affect the cost of custom home construction. Some are determined by choices with regard to the house, while others are fixed. To get a better idea of what drives the price of building a custom home, here’s an overview of some of the main factors.
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Custom home building approaches that get the most out of your outdoor environment

The area from Howe Sound in West Vancouver, to Deep Cove in North Vancouver, showcases the most scenic landscapes on the west coast. To get the most out of living in such picturesque environments, designing a custom home with this unique landscape in mind is key.
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Building a Lane Home Or Creating A Secondary Suite to Generate Additional Income

With the ever increasing cost of home ownership and the new mortgage ...
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Should I Renovate or Move, Making The Right Choice

Do you think we should renovate or should we just move to a larger house?
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Why Choose Castle Crest Construction

Broad knowledge and experience. Nick and Tracy have a wealth…
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The Importance of Dealing With Water Issues Promptly

A cautionary tale from the trenches. A few weeks ago an incident…
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Hiring a Contractor vs Being Your Own Contractor

Thinking of being your own contractor? Ask yourself do I want…
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Finding the Right Contractor

Searching for the right contractor? Many clients are surprised…
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2nd Floor Addition and Complete Home Renovation in North Vancouver

The problem. A few months ago we were contacted by a potential…
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Ten Items To Verify Before Signing a Contract

How to get started. Ok, so you have chosen your contractor and…
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Planning Your Deck for the Summer

Start early. So it’s still February but the trees are starting…