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Why Choose Castle Crest Construction

Broad knowledge and experience.

Nick and Tracy have a wealth of construction knowledge, development and business experience between them. Their construction work history spans three decades, two continents and six countries; running their own construction businesses in Europe, USA and Canada.

This experience has given them insights, methods and innovative ideas that other contractors simply do not possess. Nick holds technical and professional qualifications in three countries. He combines these qualifications with his experience in construction and engineering to create workable architectural solutions to his varied projects. As a building contractor he has been responsible for the construction of over 200 custom homes and countless remodels, many of which he has designed himself.

Talented Vancouver team.

Although more than capable of undertaking the design work, Nick has surrounded himself with a team of extremely talented design and engineering professionals. They assist with the critical area of “the process of a project”, an area that Nick and Castle Crest Construction feel is often overlooked, leading to delays and cost overruns later in the project.

Castle Crest’s process of a project.

In order to stay on budget and schedule, Castle Crest Construction breaks the process down into four stages. This has proven to be a winning formula throughout their projects.

  • Stage 1: Initial design concepts; basic permit constraints and feasibility; basic budgets and estimates; time schedule; basic contract.
  • Stage 2: Detailed design drawings; engineering; detailed estimates; construction contracts; permit applications; detailed scheduling; sourcing; project planning.
  • Stage 3: Construction commencement.
  • Stage 4: Construction completion and hand over.

Castle Crest Construction knows that if a little extra thought and time are put into Stages 1 and 2, then Stage 3 will go much faster and ultimately Stage 4 will arrive faster with a higher quality product.

How Castle Crest differs.

Castle Crest Construction differs from other contractors in that they undertake key parts of the contract such as forming, framing and all other carpentry work in-house. Closely supervised by Nick, a Red Seal Certified Carpenter, this allows better control of budgets, scheduling and quality. Many contractors simply contract these items out to the lowest bidder and hope everything works out. Castle Crest Construction knows that if you have a good, solid, level and accurate foundation, the finished product will be superior. It will be stronger, last longer and look better. With a quality foundation, the rest of the project will stay on schedule, proceed more smoothly and with better morale among the sub trades and employees, which in turn produces a better end result.

Our philosophy…our promise.

Castle Crest Construction believes that for a project to be successful all parties need to come together, as equal partners with a common goal.

  • Be honest and open.
  • Communicate clearly and often.
  • Discuss areas of concern as they arise.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Set a realistic budget.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Listen to the other party’s concerns.
  • Be respectful and considerate towards each other.

Quality doesn’t cost, it pays!

When you are ready to plan your next project be it a new home, a deck, a custom renovation or even a commercial project give Castle Crest Construction a call (604-727-4282). Let us show you a new way to build your dreams.