Home Additions

Clients add on to their homes for lots of different reasons.

Maybe you just need more square footage. Or another bedroom or two.

Maybe by adding on you can stay where you are, and you won’t have to move.

Maybe by adding on you can create a mother-in-law suite or an extra unit to rent out.

We are well versed in adding on to homes in the Vancouver area. We understand the permitting involved, and we can help you make this happen from the very beginning of the project to the end.

Adding on to your home is a complex project. You will want an experienced person or company to oversee the project. Choosing the right builder is critical.

If you need a builder to add on to your house or even if you just need someone for project management, we would like to hear from you. With lots of these types of projects under our belt, you can have confidence that we will deliver the quality finished product that you desire on time and on schedule. Have a look at our gallery.