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Whole Home Renovations & Remodeling Contractors | Lower Mainland

Clients do whole home renovations for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common:

Change of Function

Some rooms may need to serve different functions than they did in the past. Rooms may need to accommodate someone with a handicap. Children’s playrooms may be turned into something more adult.

As families grow and evolve changes are needed, and rooms need to serve different functions. A playroom may no longer be needed but a gym or games room may work
perfectly.  Maybe an area of the home needs to be made more accessible for an elderly relative or a bathroom may need adaptations as we age.

As families grow, so do their needs change.


If your home was built during a certain era like the 1950’s, many things may feel very dated. You may want to remove wallpaper, change flooring, and give your home a completely new look—everywhere.


A whole home renovation allows for repairs to be made in many rooms. Maybe the flooring needs repair everywhere, or walls need repair throughout the house or plumbing or electrical fixtures need updating.


And sometimes a whole home renovation simply satisfies your need for a major design change.

Often you may want to start with certain rooms and then move on to other rooms as budget allows. That’s okay. We can always do whole home renovations in stages.

The beauty of a whole home renovation is that the whole home will have a cohesive and themed look. A whole home renovation will almost always be cheaper than moving to a bigger more expensive home. Plus you have the added advantage of getting exactly what you want.

Castle Crest is always delighted to talk to you about whole home renovations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.